About Us

We, here at Projects Inc., are looking to build a community of all tech enthusiasts who want to work on learning and polishing their technical skills.
It's a platform for students to collaborate on trending project topics. For beginners, this is a great opportunity to make their resume look more attractive and get one step ahead of their peers.
Ever felt overwhelmed? We’re here to jumpstart your journey! 


The main purpose is to connect students with similar mindset who have a zest to learn. We hope to reach out to maximum students who envision themselves working at MNCs or studying at Ivy Leagues. We aim to create a learning conducive environment to enhance a student’s technical knowledge. We aspire to build a platform for students from different colleges coming from different backgrounds to collaborate on numerous interactive projects to expand their thought process and build team spirit. 



The need to innovate in tech is of utmost importance to adapt to the changing times. Thus, we strive to infuse creativity in all projects we take up. 



We aim to work in small groups on projects. Collaborating with your team will help build important skill sets - Communication and Teamwork.



Projects that you’ll be doing here can be added to your profile. When you decide to go for a job or pursue higher education, these projects and skills help build your resume.Checkout our github page to look at the projects!

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